Hotmail Tech Support Phone Number 1888 528 4888.

Hotmail is one  of the most preferred and free email service being used globally. Hotmail offers a very simple and dynamic layout and instant email delivery services which is why most of the business and personal email user prefer Hotmail as their email service  provider.

As a part of Microsoft, when you create Hotmail email account you automatically get an Microsoft Account as well.

While using email services, you might face issues with it which can be of different type. Here are a few most commonly faced issue and how to fix them.

1. Not able to login to Hotmail: If you already have a Hotmail account and you are not able to login, most possible reason is you have forgotten the password or you are not putting the user name correctly. Always remember, user name is your email address. You can try to use any possible passwords, but if you fail to login by doing so. Just click on reset password. Don’t worry, resetting the password is the simplest thing to do. Just click on Reset Password and follow the steps. Hotmail will send a one time code via text message that you will be asked on the next page. When you put that code, it will immediately ask you to create a new password.

2. Hotmail not opening in browser: Most of the time when you see this issue, the most common reason could be a proxy which might be blocking your connection to Hotmail server. You can try to reset your internet connection or clear browsers cache and cookies. If it doesn’t helps, you can try to reboot your router. If you still face issues, feel free to call Hotmail Tech Support Phone Number 1888 528 4888, and one of the technical expert will help you fix the issue regardless of what it is.

Apart from this too, if you face any issues with your Hotmail account, like issues while sending or receiving emails, error attaching a document, lost emails, lost password or user id, hacked  account or anything else. Call Hotmail Tech Support Phone Number Toll Free on 888-630-3860 now and our experts will help you right then and there.